It's truly amazing what one person can do for another, and even MORE amazing what a young boy and his sister can do! Oliver and younger sister Piper are two young kids with two huge hearts. While travelling to the grocery store back in 2011 Oliver (aged 6) and Piper (aged 5) asked their mom Stacey why kids were rummaging through someones recycling. Stacey told Oliver that they were doing so in order to get money for food. This idea did not sit well with Oliver. He then had an idea and with the help of mom Stacey, dad Calum and sister Piper they created  "Olivers Garden Project". Growing produce in their backyard in Hamilton Ontario, they sold their veggies in front of their house or at local farmers markets where 100% of vegetable sales will be going right to local youth charities to help kids in need. Here you will find pictures, news articles, what they grow and ways you can donate to help such a great cause!

"We just want the next generation to be more aware of their offspring and their actions. Growing your own produce and sharing it teaches so much!"
Stacey Allen-Cillis